US says Bolsonaro ‘was constructive’, but credibility will be ‘on solid plans’ – 22/04/2021 – World

Jair Bolsonaro’s speech at the Leaders’ Climate Summit this Thursday (22) was seen as “positive” and “constructive” by the US government, but Joe Biden’s aides say the Brazilian president’s credibility will rest on “solid plans”.

According to a spokesperson for the US State Department, the tone of Bolsonaro’s speech at the summit was good and even surprising, but the credibility of the United States on Brazil will rest on “solid plans, execution of the work and relentless focus on results. “

During the summit presentation, Bolsonaro gave a speech that has caused, at the very least, some strangeness to anyone observing environmental policy seen as negligent by his government. The Brazilian president said he had determined the duplication of resources for environmental inspection actions in Brazil, pledged to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 – ten years ahead of the previously set target – and reiterated its pledge to end illegal deforestation by 2030.

Americans still demand, behind the scenes, that the rhetoric translate into practical action and that tangible results be seen later this year. Instead, they celebrate what they see as the Brazilian’s rhetorical moderation. Still according to the State Department spokesperson, achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, ten years before the previous commitment and without preconditions, is significant, as is the commitment to double the funds available for the inspection. .

The optimistic view is advantageous for Biden, who is trying to consolidate himself as a leader in the reconfiguration of global, climate-driven geopolitics, in which Brazil is a key figure. Fulfilling Bolsonaro’s pledge was viewed by the White House as a victory, although Americans expect a more detailed timeline on how the country will meet its goals, which did not appear in the speech. elaborated in the Planalto.

Guided by the more moderate wing of Itamaraty, the Brazilian president did not fail to ask foreign countries for money to help protect forests, but he did not demand advance resources, such as the Ricardo Salles (Environment) wished, which was also seen positively by The Americans.

Diplomats in the Biden government did not like the position seen as blackmail by the minister, who even asked for US $ 1 billion to pledge to reduce deforestation in the Amazon by up to 40% next year. After Bolsonaro’s speech, the Americans declared that “achieving ambitious goals requires resources” and that “the United States is determined to join the Brazilians in these efforts”.

Finally, the State Department spokesman said the United States was pleased that Bolsonaro recognized the important role of the private sector in helping Americans find solutions.

“We agree with your insistence on the necessary involvement of indigenous peoples and traditional communities in the protection of standing forests and biodiversity and with your recognition of the important role of the private sector in helping us find solutions” , he added.

At a White House press conference following the Brazilian president’s speech, Biden’s climate envoy John Kerry said he was surprised by some of Bolsonaro’s comments, but wondered if he would keep his promises.

“Some of the comments Bolsonaro made today surprised me. This is great, it works if you do these things. The question is: will they do these things? And how are they going to follow and apply, inspect all of this? “

Kerry has confirmed that he will continue to speak in Brazil, but has no plans to visit the country anytime soon.

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