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Brazilian Chancellor Carlos França met on Wednesday 28 with Yang Wanming, Chinese Ambassador to Brasilia. The phone call came the day after Paulo Guedes, Minister of the Economy, accused China of creating the coronavirus and criticized the effectiveness of Chinese vaccines.

Yang posted the conversation on a social network. “This morning, I spoke by telephone with the Brazilian Chancellor Mr. [Carlos] France. We agree to further strengthen mutual political trust in a healthy and friendly environment, to implement consensus among foreign ministers and to continue our vaccine partner, ”the Chinese diplomat wrote.

This Wednesday (28), France is participating in a public hearing within the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Deputies. “Our embassy in Beijing tracks every API export authorization process in real time,” he said, referring to raw materials for vaccine production.

China’s delay in sending vaccines, as well as inputs for their production, has caused delays in the vaccination campaign against Covid in Brazil.

Tuesday (27), Minister Paulo Guedes criticized China. “The Chinese invented the virus and his vaccine is less effective than the American’s. The American has a hundred years of investment in research. So the guys are saying, ‘What’s the virus? Pfizer’s vaccine. is better than the others, “Guedes said. We are a family business.

Clinical tests to date have shown greater efficacy of immunizers developed by pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Moderna from the United States, but experts say testing takes place under different circumstances and the data cannot. be compared.

At night, Guedes said in a press interview that he used an unfortunate image. According to him, the statement aimed to show “how a strong market economy”, in reference to the United States, “manages to produce a response to something that comes from outside”, alluding to China.

The minister recalled that he had already taken two doses of the Coronavac vaccine. “I won’t speak badly about the vaccine.”

Soon after, Wanming came forward on a social network. “To date, China is the main supplier of vaccines and supplies to Brazil, which accounts for 95% of the total received by Brazil. Coronavac accounts for 84% of vaccines applied in Brazil,” the diplomat wrote.

The accusation that China invented the coronavirus is strongly refuted by Beijing. A similar statement has already been made by former US President Donald Trump, and the thesis was at the center of the biggest diplomatic crisis between China and the Jair Bolsonaro administration.

Last year, Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP) said on Twitter that the Chinese government was deliberately hiding the severity of the virus. The Chinese Embassy in Brazil reacted and the episode helped sharpen relations between the diplomatic mission and the Itamaraty then commanded by Ernesto Araújo.


Comparison with Chernobyl (18. Mar. 20)

Eduardo compared the coronavirus pandemic to the Chernobyl nuclear accident in Ukraine in 1986. Authorities, at the time subjugated to Moscow, hid the extent of the damage and adopted emergency measures that cost people thousands of lives.

“Those who watched Chernobyl will understand what happened. Replace the nuclear power plant with the coronavirus and the Soviet dictatorship with the Chinese. +1 times a dictatorship preferred to hide something serious rather than expose it with wear and tear, but it would save countless lives.China is to blame [pela crise da Covid-19] and freedom would be the solution, ”he said on Twitter.

Chives (April 4, 20)

The then Minister of Education, Abraham Weintraub, used the character of Cebolinha, from Turma da Mônica, to mock China and associate the coronavirus pandemic with the interests of the Asian country.

“Geopolitically, who can come out of the world, in relative terms, from this global crisis? Lia se Cebolinha? Who are the allies in BLasil of Cebolinha’s infallible plan to dominate the world? Lia o Cascão or are there more friends ? ”He posted.

“Comunavirus” (22.abr.20)

In his personal blog, Chancellor Ernesto Araújo published a text titled “The Communavirus Has Arrived”, in which he says that the fear caused by the new disease “makes us wake up again in the communist nightmare”, a project that “was already underway carried out in the climate of humor or alarmism, gender ideology, politically correct dogmatism, immigration, racism, anti-nationalism, scientism “.

According to Araújo, this made the “comunavirus”, which he called the “ideological virus”, more dangerous than Covid-19.

“It will not be bought” (21.out.20)

Bolsonaro refused the Minister of Health, who had announced an agreement with São Paulo for the purchase of doses of Coronavac.

“IT WILL NOT BE PURCHASED,” Bolsonaro wrote in all caps.

“Any vaccine, before being made available to the population, must be SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN BY THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH and CERTIFIED BY ANVISA” and that “the Brazilian people WILL NOT BE SOMEONE’S COBAIA”, a- he added.

Does not transmit security (22.out.20)

“THE [vacina] from China, we will not buy, it is my decision. I do not think this provides sufficient security for the population. China, unfortunately, there is already a lot of discredit on the part of the population, not least because, as many say, this virus was born there, “said Bolsonaro, in an interview with Jovem Pan radio, in reference in Coronavac.

Suspended tests (Nov 10, 20)

In November, Anvisa suspended Coronavac testing due to the death of one of the volunteers, which had nothing to do with the vaccine, Bolsonaro wrote on the networks: “Death, disability, anomaly. This is the vaccine that Doria wanted to make all the Paulistanos. To. Take him. The President [Bolsonaro] said the vaccine could never be compulsory. One more that Jair Bolsonaro wins “.

Chinese espionage (23 November 20)

“The Jair Bolsonaro government has declared its support for the Clean Network alliance, launched by the Donald Trump administration, creating a global alliance for secure 5G without spying from China,” Eduardo Bolsonaro wrote on Twitter.

“The program that Brazil has joined aims to protect its participants against invasions and violations of private information of citizens and businesses. This occurs with the repudiation of entities classified as aggressive and enemies of freedom, such as the Communist Party. Chinese.”

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