Why Russia should thank the new US administration – 04/27/2021 – World

The latest extravaganza of US President Joseph Biden, who telephoned Russian President Vladimir Putin and expressed interest in normalizing Russian-American relations, then launched a new round of anti-Russian sanctions, and on top of that, has declared a new state of emergency in national security under the pretext of some “malicious actions” of Moscow, marks for Russia a moment of emancipation, of which only historians will be able to appreciate the full significance.

However, it is already clear that the remnants of the illusions of the past 30 years that we are dealing with a rational West are gone, which to its advantage will soon behave normally towards Russia and the rest. of the world. . We have come to discover that this normality, inherent in the United States and in the West in general, is the aspiration for hegemony and its preservation, whatever the cost and despite a radical transformation of the world after the end. of the cold war.

We lacked that clarity, not just in the area of ​​foreign policy. Sometimes we had to take into account the possible reaction of Western capitals to certain measures aimed at securing our national interests. By the way, the European Union, which has decided to support increased sanctioning pressure on Russia, must understand that this approach devalues ​​its opinion, for us.

We have complete freedom not only to act on the international scene as we see fit, but also to develop the country according to our own ideals, thus strengthening our economic and financial self-sufficiency.

The pandemic has revealed a lot about who’s who when it comes to ensuring the health of the population itself and global epidemiological security. It is likely that the inability so obvious for everyone to win this “race” (seen as such by Western elites themselves) has become the notorious “last straw” that has forced the United States and the West in general to act provocatively meaning and the “diplomatic process” to which Biden continues to refer.

Perhaps most importantly, the behavior of the United States, which in the usual response to the domestic crisis, seeks an external enemy and denounces the blame abroad, frees us from the burden of the relative dependence always present in the country. development. This, in addition to freeing financial dependence, can of course serve as an example for all non-Western countries, if applicable (since this is unlikely to be the case in Beijing).

In fact, by destroying the entire arms control infrastructure, the United States has also freed us in the area of ​​military development, where we can now be guided only by our own security interests and by the development of the technologies available to us.

Of course, we would prefer to act in coordination with the partners, but they made their choice, which makes our life easier. Americans have never hidden their reluctance to consider partners. Now they have decided to share this freedom with us.

Someone will say, “Thank you, America!” For others, it will be the eagerly awaited “Good bye, America!” But we cannot fail to notice the profound symbolism of this “strategic” farewell until better times. In all respects unremarkable conduct in the United States helps us achieve the most important thing – intellectual emancipation.

The same goes for the sphere of public opinion. Sadly, but it may be fitting that all of this also refers to the Europe in which many have yet to resolve doubts, admitting that it is difficult to do so compared to the United States.

In the context of America’s political culture of exceptionalism that solves its internal problems on its own and the effectiveness of sanctions close to zero, mental liberation is a crucial advantage in the current situation. Like any other, it must be seen in the context of a balance of possibilities and problems. The first obviously win.

We must now take the rest of the world as a point of reference that we have not paid enough attention to because we are focusing on our issues with the West. Now that the space is empty, even in a philosophical sense given the failure of the main Western product – capitalism – which has lost a human face acquired through competition with the USSR in the post-war period.

I am convinced that the main demoralizing and even paralyzing factor represented by the West, its ideology, its policies and its values, comes from world politics and our public life. That is why we must thank the new American administration.

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