See what world leaders said at the Climate Summit – 22/04/2021 – Global

The first day of the Climate Leaders’ Summit, convened by US President Joe Biden, kicked off this Thursday (22) with heads of state in virtual speeches on the environmental crisis and with pledges to reduce the gases that generate the greenhouse effect.


In a demonstration of the importance Biden attaches to the role of his deputy, Kamala Harris delivered a brief speech to the US representative.

The communities hardest hit by climate change are the same communities hit by income and gender inequalities, air pollution and more. This truth is valid all over the world

And this summit is our first step on the road that we will travel together – God willing, all of us – to and through Glasgow in November and the United Nations Climate Conference – the Climate Change Conference – to bring our world on the road to a prosperous, sustainable future. The health of our communities around the world depends on it. The well-being of our workers depends on it. The strength of our economies depends on it

The Latin American representatives took advantage of their speaking time to, in addition to the main theme, address sensitive issues in their country.

The migration phenomenon, as we all know, is not resolved with coercive measures, but with justice and well-being

Regarding the irresponsible debt phenomena generated before the pandemic and aggravated by the presence of this virus, greater flexibility in terms, rates and conditions is necessary

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa also addressed the issue of international aid, but specifically referred to loans linked to the fight against climate change.

Climate change assistance should be provided separately and not be part of traditional development assistance. When granted in the form of a loan, the debt burden of developing countries is exacerbated

European leaders, on the other hand, were torn between praising the US president’s initiative and the urgency of the subject.

It’s a Herculean task, because it’s not a complete transformation

It’s not just a costly and politically correct promise […] It’s about growth and jobs and the president [Biden] he was quite right to point out. I want to leave you thinking we can come out of this pandemic better in a greener recovery

We must act faster to implement the commitments of 2030. A clear, measurable and verifiable action plan. Basically 2030 is the new 2050

It is almost too late, but we have to start now. […] Carbon must have its price, because nature can no longer pay the price

The need to tackle climate change immediately was also mentioned by the Portuguese António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations.

We are on the brink. […] We need a green planet, but the world is on red alert

The Asians were in the same vein as the Europeans on the urgency of the subject, with a reinforcement of the economic importance of the environmental agenda.

Green mountains are mountains of gold. Protecting the environment is protecting productivity, and improving the environment means speeding up productivity. The truth is that simple

Today I want to highlight the importance of lifestyle change for climate action. Sustainable lifestyles, guiding philosophies and going back to basics should be an important feature of our economy in the post-Covid era

The fight against global warming is no longer a constraint, but a driving force in global economies

The summit also had an economic discussion session on climate solutions, with the participation of leaders from the International Monetary Fund and New Zealand.

We are using this summit to ask others to follow New Zealand’s leadership and do the following things: price carbon, mandate climate-related financial disclosures, end fossil fuel subsidies, and fund carbon. adaptation. […] Now it’s time for us to act

Due to the urgency of action, we are proposing an international minimum carbon price among major emitters, such as the G20. Focusing on a minimum carbon price among a small group of large emitters could facilitate a deal covering up to 80% of global emissions

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