After pledge of funds for the environment, Planalto sees the responsibility shared with the Congress – 23/04/2021 – World

After President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) said at the Leaders’ Climate Summit that he would double the resources for environmental inspection actions in Brazil, presidential advisers say Planalto Palace has a point less tension to deal with.

By committing to an estimated sum of around 115 million reais without saying where the money will come from in the budget, Bolsonaro shares with Congress the responsibility for finding the resources.

Internationally, given expectations about the effectiveness of promises made, the US government viewed Bolsonaro’s speech as “positive” and “constructive,” even though, according to Joe Biden’s advisers, the Brazilian leader’s credibility depends on “solid plans”. The Brazilian government is pressuring the international community to receive a contribution of US $ 1 billion for environmental protection measures.

There are advisers to the president who say they believe in Biden’s efforts to address this issue, because paving the way for solving the environmental agenda is one of the US leader’s priorities.

During an election debate with Donald Trump last year, Biden even spoke about setting up a $ 20 billion fund to tackle deforestation in the Amazon rainforest and cited the consequences for Brazil if the government Bolsonaro was not taking action against the destruction of the region.

At the time, the Brazilian president reacted and declared that he did not accept bribes, in a context in which he had publicly declared the expectation of a Republican re-election of Trump – which did not happen. was not produced.

Bolsonaro did not include Brazil’s goal of reducing deforestation in the short term in Thursday’s speech. The aim is to be presented at COP26 (United Nations Climate Change Conference), in November, in Glasgow, Scotland.

Advisors to the Brazilian president said the Biden government’s reaction to this week’s speech was predictable, as the American had an idea of ​​what he would hear from Bolsonaro’s letter to the White House. In line with the logic defended by the Bolsonaro government according to which international concern for the environment in Brazil is a matter of the economic interests of countries that want to limit competition, especially in agribusiness, Planalto is now monitoring the reactions coming from the world. ‘Europe.

“It is obvious that deep down I think an economic issue is at stake,” Bolsonaro said Thursday evening, in his weekly live on social media, after refuting the criticism Brazil has received since last year. due to increased deforestation. in the countryside.

For Bolsonaro’s aides, with the depressurization in the environmental field and the agreement with Congress to sanction the 2021 budget, the government’s attention is now turning almost exclusively to the Covid CPI. The parliamentary commission of inquiry was created in the Senate to determine responsibilities in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

The collegiate church should begin its activities on Tuesday (27).

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