Weekend eases China-U.S. Tensions ahead of summit – 04/18/2021 – Nelson de Sá

The Global Times, a Chinese tabloid of the PC, even made the headlines Saturday by attacking the Japanese-American meeting, noting that the former “acted as a vassal” by accepting American pressure to mention Taiwan. But it wasn’t quite like that.

In the headline of the Financial Nikkei, Japan “emphasized” peace “for Taiwan, out of consideration for China.” The biggest Japanese newspaper, Yomiuri Shimbun, was more specific: Tokyo resisted the “war of nerves” in Washington, which wanted “stronger expressions”, and included the defense of a “peaceful” solution.

Even more: “Tokyo reported the joint statement to Beijing in advance, according to a Japanese government source.”

Subsequently, the Global Times disappeared with the expression “vassal” in the first paragraph. And he began to put forward the hope of drawing closer to the United States, after the “commitment to work together” in the climate, made in the final declaration of the visit of the envoy John Kerry to Shanghai.

The New York Times, Financial Times and Chinese financier Caixin have also highlighted the prospect of the United States and China “working together” after reaching “points of consensus.” It lacked confirmation that Xi Jinping will be at the top of Joe Biden.


According to Japanese television and Asahi Shimbun, after talks with Biden, the Prime Minister of Japan called the president of the American Pfizer, Albert Bourla, who agreed to advance the vaccine.

The Ukrainian president also recently called Bourla and received 10 million doses, which are already starting to arrive, according to Ukrainian and Russian television Argumenty i Fakty.


In the Wall Street Journal, “Mexico is stepping up arrests and deportations of immigrants” from Guatemala and others, which have caused “damage to the Biden government.”

Arrests rose 32% and deportations by 61% after “the Biden government announced it would send 2.5 million vaccines to Mexico, which was seeking supplies worldwide for its vaccination campaign.”


Contrary to the American news which criticizes Chinese vaccines, the NYT pointed out on Sunday: “A study by the Chilean government shows that Coronavac offers sufficient protection against Covid-19”.


With a photo of the Paraguayan statue of Chiang Kai-shek, a former Chinese and Taiwanese leader, the NYT again warned that the country could establish relations with China instead of Taiwan, in exchange for a vaccine.

He points out that, “spending generously, Taiwan has built thousands of houses, awarded hundreds of grants and even helped finance the Congress building” of Paraguay.

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