Brazil don’t have to be a beggar, says Mourão on request to support Biden – 19/04/2021 – World

Three days before the climate summit and five days after President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) called for “possible help” from the international community, Vice President Hamilton Mourão (PRTB) said Brazil could not not behave like a beggar.

“We don’t need to be a beggar in this area, right, let’s say it very clearly,” Mourão told reporters on Monday (19).

Last week, the Planalto Palace made public a letter sent by Bolsonaro to the President of the United States, Joe Biden.

The Brazilian president has maintained the call for international aid to achieve the objectives of reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere, but he has moved away from the speech – echoed by the Minister of the Environment Ricardo Salles – that countries must provide resources before any commitment from Brazil.

“By underlining the ambition of the objectives that we have assumed, I see myself in the contingency of emphasizing, once again, the need to obtain adequate support from the international community, in the scale, volume and speed consistent with the scale and urgency of the challenges ahead, ”Bolsonaro wrote. “We are inspired by the belief that Brazil deserves to be rightly compensated for the environmental services that its citizens have provided to the planet.”

Vice-President Mourão, in turn, acknowledged that Brazil has responsibilities, but recalled that the country represents a small percentage of global emissions.

“Let’s say it very clearly: we have our responsibilities. Brazil is responsible for only 3% of emissions in the world. Of these 3%, 40% is deforestation, that is to say 1.2% of this which is emitted in the world is responsible for deforestation is ours here. We must do our part, within the framework of the Paris Agreement “, affirmed Mourão.

“We don’t burn oil and coal like other countries do, that is, we have a clean, renewable energy matrix. So we have a good place at the table to talk about climate change. “, continued the Brazilian vice-president.

Mourão also mentioned the Amazon Fund, stopped since 2019, making it available to receive the funding sought by the Brazilian government.

“If they want to bring resources, the Amazon Fund admits all types of donations. It is already open for that, it was not just the countries that were the original donors. Private entities or other public entities, d “other countries can do it. join it,” Mourão said.

On April 9, the new Chancellor, Carlos França, held a video conference with the heads of diplomatic missions in Brasilia of Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, the United States and the European Union and sent the following message: financial support from rich countries for Brazil to preserve the Amazon will only be liberated after the Bolsonaro government has shown effective results in the fight against deforestation.

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