Vaccine war spreads to Chinese (and Americans) – 04/11/2021 – Nelson de Sá

In the wake of the British AstraZeneca clots, the questioning of Covid-19 vaccines has advanced among Chinese women like Sinovac and American women like Pfizer.

On Saturday, the South China Morning Post and Global Times / Huanqiu respectively published that “China is considering mixing vaccines to provide more protection” and “is trying to adjust the interval, dosage and number of injections for increase efficiency “.

The next day, the New York Times and Washington Post published on the front page, respectively, that “Chinese official recognizes low efficacy of vaccines” and “Chinese vaccine efficacy is not high and needs to be improved, according to an official. senior health official “.

Late Sunday, Gao Fu, the senior official, spoke to GT / Huanqiu (above, Chinese edition publishes “Exclusive”) to stress that he “refutes the interpretation of poor vaccine protection and says he confuses the view of the scientific proposal he is proposing to improve efficiency ”.

On the other hand, in the headline of Sunday’s Drudge Report, “Pfizer Can’t Stop South African Variation”.

The portal linked to a Times of Israel report on a study showing that the strain was successful in “passing” the vaccine. It was also highlighted by the Israeli Haaretz.


Drudge, who has stood up since Bill Clinton’s sexual harassment with news Democratic governments are trying to cover up, opened at the weekend with another negative headline on US vaccines.

He pointed out that in the state of Colorado, “adverse reactions” to the Johnson & Johnson immunizer led to the closure of the vaccination center.

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