Le Monde exposes “ the shadow of the United States ” on Moro and Lava Jato – 04/11/2021 – Nelson de Sá

The weekend edition of the main French newspaper, Le Monde, devotes three pages and features at the top of the home page (below) a full report on Operation Car Wash, signed by Gaspard Estrada and Nicolas Bourcier . In the journal summary:

“A judge deemed ‘partial’, sometimes illegal methods and in the shadow of the United States: the biggest anti-corruption operation in Brazilian history has become its biggest legal scandal. Months of investigation were necessary to set up the reverse scene. “

The text is also available in English, with free access.

The newspaper focuses on the American involvement, citing officials in the justice and state departments themselves and stressing the White House’s interest in protecting its businesses.

He concludes that “for the USA, it is a question of reducing the geopolitical influence of Brazil in Latin America, but also in Africa”.

The text uses Glenn Greenwald’s revelations on The Intercept as a starting point. The material resonates since Saturday (10) in Brazil, on sites such as Legal Consultant and via social networks.

Estrada, originally from Sciences Po in Paris, had previously written to the same effect in the New York Times.

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