Dilma sees Brazil ‘adrift in ocean of hunger and disease’, Guardian – 4/10/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Under the headline “Bolsonaro’s ‘genocidal’ response to Covid led to Brazilian catastrophe, says Dilma Rousseff” (below), with calls at the top of the various versions of its homepage, Britain’s The Guardian brings this Saturday a long interview with the former president.

The newspaper, which now qualifies his impeachment as “controversial”, repeatedly recalls a phrase from Dilma: “We are adrift in an ocean of hunger and disease … It is indeed a totally extreme situation to which we are assisting in Brazil “.

Another excerpt: “We are currently witnessing 4,200 deaths per day and everything suggests that if nothing changes, we will reach 5,000. However, an absolutely disgusting normalization of this reality is underway”.

According to the ex-president, “part of the death toll is fundamentally due to incorrect political decisions, which are still being taken.”


Over the weekend, the Brazilian president’s resistance to Covid’s IPC and the World Health Organization’s warning of the seriousness of the situation in Brazil echoed through agencies like Reuters and sites like Axios. Says Bruce Aylward, senior adviser to the WHO Director-General (video below):

“The most important thing to do now is the proven steps, which we know will slow this virus down. What you are dealing with here is a raging epidemic.

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