“Extraordinary official”; see the repercussions of Prince Philip’s death – 04/09/2021 – Worldwide

The oldest husband in UK history, Prince Philip died on Friday (9) at Windsor Castle at the age of 99. The official cause has not yet been released, but the prince has had heart surgeries in recent months.

Shortly after the announcement of the death, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that Queen Elizabeth’s husband had won the affection of generations and led the monarchy, which “thus remained a vital institution for life in the United Kingdom. United”. “He has shaped and inspired the lives of countless young people.”

Keir Starmer, leader of the Labor Party, in opposition to conservative Boris, said that with Philip’s death the country lost an “extraordinary civil servant”.

English football teams, like Chelsea and Tottenham, have also mourned the death. On Twitter, both clubs posted messages highlighting support for the Queen and the Royal Family during this time.

Philip met Elizabeth in 1939, during a visit by the princess to the British Naval Academy, where the then student was named heir to the throne co-founder. They began to exchange correspondence.

He fought in World War II in the Mediterranean and the Pacific. In 1943, he saved his own life and that of his companions by building a fake ship that would attract the attention of a German air attack, allowing the destroyer HMS Wallace, where the British were located, to escape. When he married Elizabeth in 1947, Philip, who was born in Greece, became a British citizen, converted to the Anglican faith, and abdicated his rights to foreign thrones. He became Duke of Edinburgh, the main of his titles.

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