Joe Biden’s son recounts drug addiction in his memoir – 04/07/2021 – Lúcia Guimarães

The son of the President of the United States is addicted to crack cocaine. That’s right – even though Hunter Biden doesn’t continue to use drugs, for example, when his father was Barack Obama’s deputy, he had a gun to his head trying to buy whatever was available in a homeless camp.

Donald Trump suffered the first of two impeachment proceedings because he illegally pressured the Ukrainian president to find dirt in Joe Biden’s son’s relationship with an energy company to get the opponent out Democrat in the presidential race.

But Hunter’s underworld does not pass through Kiev. It is described in detail by itself, in the memoir published this Tuesday 6, “Beautiful Things”. The title refers to what Hunter’s brother Beau Biden said just before he died of a brain tumor in 2015 as a reminder that there was beauty in life.

The fact that Hunter Biden is alive surprises those who have read the book, which has received critical acclaim for its beautiful writing. At 51, a life of dependency inaugurated with his first glass of champagne at 8, he recounts the experience which involved several treatments and long periods of sobriety.

The enormous attention the book is attracting in the United States is predictable. Hunter has become the favorite scarecrow of the Trumpist right who, during his time as head of Ukrainian company Burisma, explored the “real” conflict of interest with his father’s post. The case has been investigated and has not resulted in any incrimination of the current US president.

Biden Filho only admits that today he would not accept the job offer, whose salary of 50 thousand US dollars (280 thousand reais) per month, allowed for a lifestyle that included smoking crack cocaine in comfort. of the wealthy Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles.

The launch of the book was preceded by interviews in which the author tries to maintain his dignity in the midst of contrition. But the best introduction to Hunter and the Biden family’s nightmare came in a conversation with fellow addict, comedian and actor Marc Maron, a podcast pioneer, who was entering his third decade of sobriety.

Listening to the 90-minute recording is to enter the world where, as Maron reminds us, the person is detached from any moral compass or family reality. The reality of Hunter Biden is a loving family that was rocked by the tragedy of 1972.

A few weeks after Joe’s first election, Hunter, Beau and his little sister Amy went with their mother Neilia to buy a Christmas tree. The car hit a tractor, Neilia and Amy died. Joe Biden was sworn in as a senator in January 1973 at the hospital where Hunter and Beau were recovering from the accident.

Tragedy brought the brothers together. Beau was the star of the family, decorated for serving in combat in Iraq, elected Delaware state attorney, and considered a future presidential candidate. Beau took Hunter to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and was his brother’s north.

Beau’s death precipitated Hunter’s last dive into alcohol and hard drugs. At one point, with his father still being vice president, Hunter took his crack supplier to live with him.

Nothing Hunter Biden has done as a lawyer and leader can compare to the bribery of Donald Trump’s offspring, whose reckoning with justice has yet to take place.

“Beautiful Things” offers more than memories. He will also inform future historians of the new president, revealing examples of the decency and unconditional love that define the character of Joe Biden.

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