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Since February, the ICArabe (Institute of Arab Culture) has been offering a series of free courses on the contributions of Arab-Islamic civilization to humanity. There are 21 courses in total, taught by experts in subjects such as math, physics, philosophy, food, migration, and music. Meetings are usually held on Thursdays at 7 p.m. via Zoom and are followed by debates with the public.

The list of courses is below. In the case of courses that had already been given before the publication of this text, the link leads to a video on YouTube. For meetings to be held, such as the conversation on the Arabic lexicon in Portuguese on April 15, it is necessary to register. If in doubt, also search for the channel on YouTube.


February 25 – Life Sciences, with Murched Omar Taha (Unifesp)

4.mar – The Arabs and the development of science, with Soraya Soubhi Smaili (Unifesp)

11.mar – Unani Tibb: Introduction to Greco-Arabic medicine, with Anaíse Shigue (Unifesp)

18.mar – Islamic Architecture and Artistic Motifs, with Lygia Ferreira Rocco (USP)

24.mar – Islamic Finance, with Angela Martins (First Abu Dhabi Bank)

1º.abr – The contributions of the Arabs to physics, with Ivã Gurgel (USP)

15.abr – Portuguese lexicon of Arabic origin, with João Baptista Vargens (UFRJ)

22.abril – Philosophy in the Medieval Islamic World, with Jamil Ibrahim Iskandar (Unifesp)

29.abr – Islamic Law, with Salem Hikmat Nasser (FGV)

May 6 – Arabic music, with Marcia Dib

May 13 – The Thousand and One Nights, with Mamede Mustafa Jarouche (USP)

May 20 – Medieval Islam and historiography, with Beatriz Bisso (UFRJ)

27. May – Arab immigration to contemporary Brazil, with Jamil Zugueib Neto (UFPR)

June 10 – Arab poetry in the world, with Michel Sleiman (USP)

17.jun – House of Wisdom in Baghdad, with Ayman Esmandar

24.jun – Contemporary Arab Writers, with Safa Jubran (USP)

1º.jul – Arab kitchens, with Fred Caffarena (FIRIN)

July 8. The Arab Contribution to Chemistry, with Mansur Lutfi (Unicamp)

Jul 15 – Medieval Islamic medicine by Avicenna and Rasis, with Renato Marcos Sabbatini (Edumé)

20.jul – Arab contributions to mathematics, with Francisco Miraglia Neto (USP)

22.Jul – Biology and environmental sciences, with Mohamed Habib (Unicamp)

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