Despite editorials, Biden set to settle down with Bolsonaro – 04/04/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Over a week ago, in the midst of a military crisis, as reported by France Presse, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the relationship with Brazil was “very, very important” and mentioned the environment.

And the State Department spokesman was asked by Spanish correspondent El País if the United States was “concerned” about the stampede by the commanders of the armed forces and the risk of a military government.

“Of course, we are aware of the developments in Brazil, but we are not going to comment on this,” he said. “We would refer you to the government of Brazil,” for a response.

Despite several alarmed editorials from the Washington Post and others, the signs agree between Joe Biden and Jair Bolsonaro, on the environment, a prospect that has prompted Brazilian entities to publish a letter against the negotiation “behind closed doors”.

“The American president must choose between delivering his speech and giving political prestige to Bolsonaro,” said an excerpt. “Can’t have both.”

As far as it was possible to follow, the letter was not echoed in the US media. The deal was due to be announced in two weeks, at the virtual summit called by Biden and accepted by Bolsonaro.


Former Chancellor Celso Amorim wrote to London The Guardian, warning of Bolsonaro’s military moves, and gave an interview to the US show Democracy Now, lamenting that the Secretary of State chose to question the new government of Bolivia – about the prison of the former – senator who was president with the support of Donald Trump.

“It makes it look like it’s the same policy,” he said, criticizing how “this obsession with China’s influence obscures the point of view [americana] of what democracy “is in the region.


Journalist Glenn Greenwald launched his book on Brazil in the United States, ahead of a centenary stint The Nation (above). In the statements, “Why Brazil is still important” and the add: “With Lula eligible to run against Bolsonaro, the Brazilians have the future of the world in their hands”.


Canadians like the Globe and Mail and Americans like the Wall Street Journal say that “the Brazilian variant is consolidated in Canada”, especially on the west coast. But the British variant, B.117, is still ahead.

According to a professor from the University of British Columbia, the worst-affected state, “Although B.117 is still prevalent, I believe there will be some kind of race between the two in the coming weeks. , and the [brasileira] P1 seems to be getting closer “.

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