In his inauguration speech, the new chancellor defends “ vaccine diplomacy ” and sustainable development – 06/04/2021 – World

In his first speech after taking office, this Tuesday 6, the new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos França, promised to engage Itamaraty in “real health diplomacy” and placed the field of sustainable development as the one of the priorities of its management.

France, appointed last week to take over Itamaraty in place of Ernesto Araújo, participated in the transfer of functions ceremony at the Planalto Palace.

The act was closed, without transmission, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs then published the speech of the new chancellor.

France’s speech contrasts with the speeches of its predecessor, one of the representatives of the ideological wing of the Bolsonaro government. Ernesto used to highlight topics such as defending national identities and criticizing political slogans used by right-wing populist movements, such as so-called globalism.

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