Portugal begins to suspect and reopens restaurants and cafes with outside service – Ora Pois

After 80 days of lockout, Portugal began on Monday (5) the gradual reopening of the country. The sunny day and temperatures above 20 ° caused the Portuguese to leave the house.

Cafes and restaurants with outdoor services have resumed work. In this first step, there is a limit of up to four people per table. On weekends, activities must close at 1 p.m.

The Portuguese no longer have restrictions on movement within the country. Since the end of 2020, it was forbidden to leave the city of residence on weekends.

Almost 600,000 students, between the 5th and the 9th year, come back face to face. Young children (daycare, kindergarten and early childhood), had already returned to school on March 15, when the government promoted the first easing of the lockdown.

National monuments and museums have also reopened. In Lisbon, to encourage residents to visit, they have free entry until the end of April.

Museums have tried to adapt, with new hygiene rules and extended hours 12.Nov.2020 | Photo: Giuliana Miranda / Folhapress

Gyms, currently without group lessons, are also part of the newly launched activities.

The street stores, with up to 200 m2, were able to open their doors, which ensured a good part of the return to the functioning of the local trade.

An employee of a clothing and accessories store in the Areeiro region, in Lisbon, Cátia Oliveira says the movement is still weak.

“This morning hardly anyone came. I think people are running out of money to buy. There are also a lot less people on the streets, ”he says.


Announced by the Prime Minister, António Costa (Socialist Party), as a plan to reopen the dropper, deflation in Portugal is expected to last until May 3.

Costa said the deconfination plan would be under constant review and could be halted if sanitary conditions deteriorate.

This Monday, the rate of transmission of the virus, one of the criteria for maintaining the schedule, has already lit the warning signal with the authorities.

The so-called Rt coronavirus is currently at 0.98 in the country. The limit set by the government for fees is 1.

Yet the country continues with fewer deaths, new cases and hospitalizations.

This Monday (5), 158 new cases and 6 additional deaths were recorded.

At the height of the pandemic, on January 31, the country had 303 deaths from Covid-19. On the day of the most new cases, January 28, there were 16,432 new infections.

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