Dozens of people throw Barcelona beach party in defiance of Covid restrictions – 03/04/2021 – Worldwide

Dozens of people celebrated and danced this Friday (2) on a beach near the center of Barcelona, ​​Spain. Many participants were maskless or did not respect social distancing, thus questioning the restrictions enacted to contain Covid-19 in Catalonia.

The makeshift party took place on Barceloneta beach and police said they warned those in attendance that they were breaking the rules. “Barcelona is the perfect place to party, to drink, but it’s a big deal: the police are preventing people from enjoying it,” said a party participant, of British descent and 32, said. who only authorized the publication of his first name, Liam.

Meetings of more than six people in public spaces are prohibited in Catalonia, northeastern Spain, and anyone breaking the rules can pay fines of 300 to 600 euros (R $ 2,000 to R $ 4,000 ).

“We are warning people attending large group meetings that they are violating restrictions. And if they don’t put on masks or disperse, they can be fined, ”said a spokesperson for the Catalan regional police. He did not say if anyone from the group on the beach on Friday received the punishment.

Miquel Samper, Minister of the Interior of Catalonia, told RAC1 radio on Saturday that people should wear masks when interacting on the beach, but do not need them while sunbathing or at sea – an different orientation of national legislation.

Catalonia is one of many Spanish regions to question a rule imposed on Wednesday (31), according to which people must wear masks outside, without worrying about respecting the safety clearance of 1.5 meters. After mounting criticism, the Spanish government said the law would be revised, without offering implementation dates.

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