What would the poster on the wall of a bonobos convention be? – Darwin and God

It’s just a joke, but it seemed too good not to share with the kind blog reader.

What would be the motto of a convention of bonobos (Pan paniscus), the friendly cousins ​​of common chimpanzees (also known as dwarf chimpanzees)?

“Bonobos: It’s just not worth catching mom. Find a hole and be happy. “

(For those who didn’t know, bonobos are known for their promiscuous and relaxed sex life and low level of aggressiveness.)

The joke comes from the funniest episode about Neanderthals on the BBC’s “You’re Dead to Me” podcast, hosted by historian Greg Jenner and featuring Neanderthal expert Becky Wragg Sykes and humorist Tim Minchin.


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