Biden government sought contact with North Korea, but was ignored – 3/15/2021 – World

North Korea has so far ignored US attempts to establish a dialogue, the White House said on Monday. This decision extends to Joe Biden’s presidency the coldest stance on Washington taken by Pyongyang even during Donald Trump’s tenure.

North Korea has given up on diplomatic contacts with the Republican, although the Asian country’s dictator, Kim Jong-un, has met the US leader three times, with whom he has exchanged letters.

Trump has rejected North Korean demands to ease sanctions on Pyongyang until Kim agrees to dismantle his country’s nuclear program, which he refuses to do.

Biden government spokeswoman Jen Psaki said U.S. officials have attempted to contact North Korea through various channels since the Democrat took office two months ago. “The aim is to reduce the risk of aggravation [da situação]. But so far we have not received any response. ”

She did not detail the kind of escalation the United States fears, but the point is that North Korea carried out six nuclear tests between 2006 and 2017. Psaki also said the current leadership consulted with former elders. government officials involved in North Korean politics. to allies in Asia, Japan and South Korea.

“Here is the outlook after a year of no active dialogue with North Korea, although the United States has repeatedly attempted to do so. You can expect continued expansion of engagement. [americano] with partners and allies in the region, ”she said.

A senior Biden government official confirmed to Reuters news agency on Saturday (13) that efforts had been made to contact the North Korean leadership through various channels since mid-February. The Pentagon expressed concern earlier this month over a United Nations report that indicated possible reprocessing of nuclear fuel for North Korean bombs.

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