Itamaraty announces another flight to bring stranded Brazilians back to Portugal – 03/03/2021 – Worldwide

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced, Wednesday (3), the realization of a new extraordinary flight for the Brazilians detained in Portugal. The trip between Lisbon and Guarulhos will take place next Wednesday (10) and will be operated by TAP.

A flight in the opposite direction, to repatriate the Portuguese to Brazil, is scheduled for the following Thursday (11).

Although it has been negotiated by the authorities, the Itamaraty informs that the operation is private and that appointments must be made directly with the airline.

“Interested parties should deal directly with TAP regarding the reservation or possible reuse of airline tickets. Given the state of emergency and the restrictions in force in Portugal, only passengers with tickets confirmed by TAP can enter the airport, ”he said in a note.

The ban on air travel between the two countries – determined by the Portuguese government due to the Manaus variant of SARS-CoV-2 – has been in effect since January 29 and has affected hundreds of Brazilians, mostly immigrants to unemployed who had already bought tickets to leave the country.

Without money, many have nowhere to live and turn to aid institutions even to be able to eat.

Last Friday (26), after almost a month of ban, the first extraordinary flight authorized by the Portuguese government took place.

The trip, also operated by TAP, has been criticized for the price of tickets: around 890 euros (around R $ 6,176) for the one-way ticket. Even so, the places available sold out quickly. Even the free places to transport pets are exhausted.

According to the Foreign Ministry, 271 Brazilian citizens returned to Brazil at the time, in addition to 28 foreigners residing in the country.

TAP drew attention to the high cost of operating extraordinary flights, but said most passengers already have tickets with the company and can board at no additional cost.

Passengers with tickets purchased by Latam and Azul, who also operated direct flights between Portugal and Brazil, complain that they have no options.

Many report that they do not have the money to buy new tickets, either with TAP or to travel with connections in other countries.

During a hearing in Parliament on Wednesday (3), Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva said that all Portuguese who have to return to the country “for humanitarian reasons” will be repatriated.

“We will organize the flights necessary to repatriate the Portuguese who must be repatriated for humanitarian reasons. This is what we did in the winter of last year, in the spring of last year, in the summer of last year and this is what we will do this year, whenever necessary. “, did he declare.

Although it was also formally humanitarian, the previous flight, made on Saturday (27), had tickets costing more than R $ 10,000.

In a note, the Portuguese consulate in São Paulo states that those interested in returning to Portugal will be contacted by the airline.

“TAP Air Portugal will contact passengers who, Portuguese citizens or foreigners residing in Portugal, have been affected by the suspension of flights and have expressed, together with the Portuguese consular posts in Brazil, the need for an immediate return to the national territory, no. ‘having not yet had the opportunity to do so.

The ban on air links between Portugal and Brazil has been extended until March 16 and may be extended again.

So far, at least 7 cases of the Brazilian variant have been identified in the country, which has been on lockdown since January 15.

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