Trump supporter and policeman killed in invasion of Congress were Air Force servicemen – 1/9/2021 – Worldwide

The first major work of Brian Sicknick, an agent killed in the invasion of the United States Congress, as a member of the Capitol Police Department was the inauguration of then President-elect of the United States, Barack Obama, in 2009. He had just occupied the post, always at the end. 2008, make a dream come true.

“He loved this job,” his father, Charles Sicknick, told Reuters. “I’ll never get over it.”

The youngest of Charles’ three children and born in New Jersey, the agent was a supporter of current U.S. President Donald Trump, Charles said. Although the parents avoided dealing with political matters with their son, the family said the officer’s position never interfered with his duty to protect and serve.

“He got along well with everyone because he was a gentleman,” Charles said. Prior to joining the Capitol Police, Sicknick was in the United States Air Force and served in Saudi Arabia and Kyrgyzstan.

The Capitol cop died at the age of 42 on Thursday night, the day after a clash with Trump supporters who invaded Congress in a joint session to certify Democrat Joe Biden’s victory as president the United States.

As the invaders dominated the local police, Sicknick was hit by pepper spray and was shot in the head, his father said. The medical team that helped him had to resuscitate him twice on the way to the Washington hospital. “It ended up forming a clot in the brain,” Charles said. “If he was operated on, he would end up in a vegetative state.”

After the death, investigated as a homicide by the Washington Metropolitan Police, with assistance from the FBI, the US Federal Police, Vice President Mike Pence and US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the family to show solidarity. .

During the phone call, Pelosi invited them to come to Congress and choose a location to place the plaque that will be made in honor of Sicknick, the sixth Capitol cop to die on duty. According to Charles, there will be a funeral at the site.

The officer is also to have posthumous honors and a symbolic burial at Arlington National Cemetery, a traditional American military cemetery, although the family intends to cremate him. The tribute request was made this Saturday (9) by Elissa Slotkin, member of the Michigan State Congress.

Slotkin said Sicknick had kept his oath in the military to protect and defend the Constitution and that he and his family should be recognized for everything he does for the country.

There was also a virtual fundraising campaign to help the family of the police officer who reached the goal of $ 250,000 (1.35 million reais) in less than 24 hours.

Trump has yet to speak publicly about the death of the agent or the other four who died in the invasion. The mayor of South River, John Krenzel, Sicknick’s hometown, said “his death was a waste.” “It’s a tragedy.”

“If anything good results from the death of my son, I just hope this will be the end of this madness that plagues this country,” said Charles, who turns 82 next month and sees death. from the youngest a violation of the order of life. “I should die first, not my son.”

Sicknick leaves behind his parents, two older brothers and his girlfriend, with whom he had been together for 11 years.

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