F5 – Nerdices – ‘Fortnite’ should return to iPhones soon, say Nvidia and Epic Games

Stephen Nellis Supantha Mukherjee

Nvidia and Epic Games, developers of the popular Fortnite game, announced Thursday (19) that they are working together to bring the game back to iPhones in the near future as part of Nvidia’s game streaming service.

The popular game has been blocked on Apple devices since August when Epic launched its own payment system for in-app purchases. Apple said this violated the App Store rules and removed “Fortnite” from the store. This led to a lawsuit in which Epic sued Apple, claiming that the App Store rules and fees were anti-competitive behavior.

However, Nvidia and Epic said that “Fortnite” will return to iPhones via the device’s Safari browser, which is not subject to Apple’s payment requirements or rules. Nvidia, the largest provider of video game chips, is expanding GeForce Now, a cloud-based game streaming service that runs computer games in their data centers and streamed them to users’ devices.

The company announced Thursday that it is launching a trial version of GeForce Now for iPhones and iPads. The first version of the service requires the gamepad accessory that functions as the video game controller. According to Nvidia, the cloud gaming service costs $ 4.99 per month or $ 24.95 ($ 133) for a six-month package.


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