F5 – Nerdices – ESPN shows official ‘Valorant’ championship on pay TV

Sao Paulo

ESPN announced on Wednesday (2) that it will be showing the First Strike, the official championship of the Valorant game. The event starts on Thursday (3) and lasts until Sunday (6). It is broadcast on television in addition to the sports channel app.

The team to cover the event will have Bernardo ‘BiDa’ Moura and Nicolas ‘Nicolino’ Emerenciano in the narration. Guilherme ‘Tixinha’ Cheida, Gustavo ‘Melão’ Ruzza, Leticia Motta and Guilherme Spacca will be the commentators, while Evelyn Mackus will be on the report.

The event, produced by Riot Games, has already had four qualifiers with 382 teams. Gamelander, Havan Liberty, Nimo One, B4 eSports, Vorax Fusion, Ingaming eSports, Pain Gaming and Imperial eSports are the finalists.

Departures can be followed in the Canal app every day from 5 p.m. On television, the show will be broadcast on Thursday from 7pm to 11pm on ESPN, on Friday and Saturday from 5pm on ESPN 2 and on Sunday from 7pm.

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