‘He has natural contact with vibrations’

Of course, give people happiness in the future, The voice. It’s reasonable that WILM is often asked what can motivate a man of his success and wealth to play in a chair with Ally Mars every year.

“It’s like being a recording manager, there’s something new every year,” he explains. Destroying it is fine, but by talent show standards, there aren’t many long-term success stories. will.i.am, with his real desire to help young people, is certainly one of the most committed. But is he in contact?

“The team I had last year, NXTGEN, Dude, they’re confused,” he says. “I took them out from the United States, I recorded an album, made videos, all in my motto. Then the board breaks! Yes, they were confused. “It’s shrinking.” But you can only do something with one person, and they have to do the rest. “

However, this year “there is a terrible army of singers, it is the year of the best. I’m not just saying that. I’m like that, what? And if, dot com, slope, St. MF. “

It would be nice if it were true. Something positive to start the year anyway. So, I say to will.i.am, is there something to look forward to?

“People have to be happy and confident,” he says. “[But] The vaccine takes longer. You see: January, the cases are increasing. “

This was not the advice I wanted to conclude.

“I don’t want to lie!” He yells. “People have to be prepared. Winter is coming, bro. White Walker is coming, bro. Do I want to tell you a Smurf story, or is it true? Winter is coming, Homi. “It will be the Smurfs 2021 …”

He left again.

Voice returns to ITV on Saturday January 2 at 8:30 p.m.

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