From today there are no more fees (but there are limits)

It was July 23 that Parliament approved limits on bank charges associated with MB WAY. From today, for payments less than 30 euros, there are no associated costs. However, users are subject to a monthly limit of 150 euros and up to 25 transfers per month.

If you are a user of this platform, know what will change.

MB WAY is the Multibanco solution that allows you to make instant transfers, online and physical purchases, generate MB NET virtual cards and even withdraw money via your smartphone, tablet or PC. From this Friday (January 1), transfers via MB WAY will be free in all banks. However, Santander and Novo Banco offer more than definite.

For example, Santander will exempt all transfers “with no limit on the number and number of transactions made”. Transfers via MB WAY can be made “free of charge, via the bank application or the service application”. In the case of Novo Banco, the scenario is identical.

What if users exceed the MB WAY limits?

If the user exceeds one of the MB WAY limits, charges equal to those of the European Commission transfer regulations are applied, free of charge, at the rate of 0.2% for debit cards and 0.3% for credit cards. credit.

This is a very simple service to use, but there are also a lot of scams that use this service. So here are some alerts:

If you do not understand how the application works, refuse payment by this means; If in doubt, ask your bank for information on how the service works before using it; Always try to do business in person if you are in the same geographic area as the buyer; Try to receive payments in person or by wire transfer; Never follow the instructions of strangers to make payments with this service.

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