Vaccines, a battle for numbers. “450,000 levels coming up every week”

European Commission chief Ursula van der Leyen ensured that the EU has adequate vaccine levels for all member states. And yesterday’s wax day It all started with the quantities distributed in proportion to the population of all member countries.

Sizes of the indices yesterday: There were 9,750 vaccines in Italy To begin with, against the circle of 11,000 in Germany. “The 150,000 doses of vaccines that you have received are part of the next product that will arrive in our country from December 28,” said extraordinary Commissioner Dominico Arguri yesterday, the figures and percentages that have been continued throughout the day seemed to penalize Italy in the distribution of the vaccine.

“There is no discrimination against Italy,” says Arguri. He adds: ax At European level, the measure is assigned, which is for the day of the wax and subsequent deliveries. Our plan is to have 450,000 doses in the first week from tomorrow, which come directly from the administrative spaces ”.

In other European countries, the amount of vaccines depends on the population. The health ministry said in a statement: “Agreements with vaccine manufacturers are made directly by the European Commission on behalf of all member states.”

“Each country receives a percentage of the amounts to be paid in proportion to its population according to Eurostat estimates. 13.46 is billed by Italy for each distribution.

Here are some examples of what is happening in other European countries. There, Spain received the first ship 350,000 doses of vaccine (with 47 million people), because The first shipment from Denmark was 40,000 doses (6 million people); This is why Portugal’s first load is 80,000 doses (with a population of just over ten million).

I ‘Netherlands This is one of the few voices that come out of the choir. o The first 10,000 Pfizer vaccines arrived this weekend, with a population of less than 7 million, but the national vaccination campaign will not begin until January 8.

At the start of European Wax Day, 4 million people around the world were already vaccinated. A good 800,000 in Great Britain. He – now launched with official EU approval – launched a vaccination campaign on his behalf on December 9, with an average of 40,000 vaccines per day. With more than one million vaccines in the United States, 700,000 people in Russia have adopted their vaccine against Sputnik.

Wax day in Europe yesterday, another exception: Hungary by Victor Orban He wanted to start taking drugs early, starting on boxing day. As in Slovakia, the first person to be vaccinated was Vladimir Krigmarie, member of the government commission against the epidemic.

A better vaccine in Germany: Edith Guizalla, 101, who lives in a center for the elderly in Halbertchat, was vaccinated and burned on Saturday at the Saxony-Anhalt site.

In France, they decided to start with apartments for the elderly Como L’Austria The first three doses of the vaccine were given in Vienna to three women and two men over 80 years old: before President Sebastian Kurz, first Theresia Hofer , 84 years old.

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