The cryptocurrency reached $ 27,000

Not so long ago, Bitcoin cryptocurrency hit an all-time high, slightly exceeding $ 20,000. The digital currency remains strong and recently reached 27 thousand dollars (22 thousand euros), a new record for its quotation.

Will this new record be broken again in 2020? May be.

Bitcoin has appreciated 9.75% in the past 24 hours

This year alone, Bitcoin has appreciated by over 200%. Remember that in 2017, this digital currency was worth almost $ 20,000. However, the following year there was a sharp drop to around three thousand dollars. It wasn’t until November of this year that the cryptocurrency hit a new all-time high, reaching US $ 19,873.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency has risen 9.75% in the past 24 hours and topped the $ 27,000 mark for the first time in 11 years.

Despite the optimism, some Bitcoin experts are warning potential buyers. “The story is a wake-up call for people shopping at the highest peak ever,” market expert Glen Goodman told Forbes.

This record having been broken this Sunday 27, is a “coincidence” …

24/12: 24,000 USD 25/12 25,000 USD 12/26 26,000 USD 27/12 27,000 USD

It’s important to remember that BitCoin started to appreciate in mid-April, driven by institutional investors betting on digital assets as a store of value. In recent days, several companies have announced the purchase of the digital currency including Skybridge Capital ($ 25 million), MassMutual ($ 100 million) and Guggenheim (10% of their capital, MicroStrategy ($ 650 million))

In October, Paypal announced it would trade the digital asset. The company said that by 2021, all of its 300 million merchants will be able to accept Bitcoin payments.

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