Trump aid package veto: Biden fears “catastrophic consequences.”

The corona stimulus plan was approved by Congress with unanimous approval. However, US President Donald Trump has so far refused to implement it with his signature. Democrat Biden said on Saturday the Republican refusal to act was irresponsible and would have “dire consequences.” Without Trump’s signature, tens of millions of Americans would lose their unemployment benefits.

The $ 900 billion ($ 73,738.13 million) economic stimulus package, among other things, calls for higher unemployment benefits to be paid by March. In addition, most citizens receive a one-time grant of $ 600.

However, among other things, Trump is calling for an increase in personal payments to $ 2,000, indicating he can veto the legislature. “Republicans should stop gambling when Americans are starving,” Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren said on Twitter.

Although Corona’s aid has expired, Trump owes it until early January to enact legislation with his signature or veto. However, alongside the economic stimulus package, part of the US federal budget was approved. The company’s provisional finance law expires on Monday. If Trump does not sign the legislature by then, the government must first suspend operations, which will be called a status quo.

“In a few days, government funding will run out, putting important services and salaries for the military at risk,” Biden said. Since taking office on January 20, Biden has campaigned for another package of economic stimuli to control the outbreak and stimulate the economy.

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