Someone is stealing Tesla cables. And not only

It’s a recent and strictly European fad: thieves have found a new business opportunity to ‘free’ cars from charging cables when they are connected to the network, despite security systems designed to prevent this from happening. produce.

As soon as the vehicle is connected to the charging point, the cable must be fixed at both ends. But, it seems, the pins that hold it down don’t work as well in very cold climates, as is common in northern Europe at this time of year, where freezing temperatures are common, especially at night.

It is this fragility linked to low temperatures that makes life easier for thieves, but it is the existence of a market for used charging cables that feeds it. The majority of known cases so far have been in the Netherlands, where Amsterdam police said they received 21 reports of cable theft between November 20 and December 4, the majority of Tesla drivers, this is explained by the higher percentage of vehicles from this manufacturer in the fleet in circulation.

As police have also reported that the thefts have spread across the country, according to Revista AD, it is estimated that the number of conductors who go without the cable overnight is considerably higher. The theft forces them to buy a new one, which can cost between € 200 and € 500, depending on the make and model in question.

Tesla has previously reported that, through over-the-air (OTA) software updates, it has introduced modifications in its vehicles to avoid issues with securing the cable to the outlet while charging in freezing temperatures, leaving it unsure of. the solution to use manufacturers who do not have the same ability in terms of modifying OTA software.

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