The PSI-20 climbs with momentum against the records of the BCP and EDP groups

The national stock exchange closed higher, with the benchmark PSI-20 rising 2.10% to 4,825.28 points, continuing to trade at March highs. Of the 18 listed, 9 closed in green and 7 in red, while two remained the same compared to yesterday.

Lisbon thus led the bullish movement recorded in the rest of Europe, with the announcement that France is preparing to reopen the border with the United Kingdom to stimulate negotiations.

In addition, the hope that an agreement exists today between London and Brussels on the trade relationship between the parties under Brexit – it has been reported by Bloomberg that a draft agreement already exists – has helped to optimism, thus eclipsing the flip side of the stimulus plan. passed in the US Congress, which was not accepted by Donald Trump and needs to be revised.

Here, the EDP group stood out with new heights. Electricity led by Miguel Stilwell de Andrade closed up 2.67%, at 5.108 euros, which is its highest closing value, after setting the record of 5.1380 euros during the session.

Its subsidiary for renewable energies rose 5.48% to 22.15 euros, a closing record, and reached during the day a historic record of 22.5 euros.

Still in the field of energy, Galp recorded an increase of 3.54% to 8.654 euros, a day when oil prices continue to climb on the main international markets.

BCP is also among the best performers, gaining 2.61% and settling at 0.1221 euro.

A sharp escalation in the shares of the EDP and BCP groups has been decisive for the positive development of the Lisbon stock exchange over the last month and a half.

The biggest increase in the PSI-20 was led by Ramada, which rose 7.38% to 4.80 euros.

Also noteworthy for CTT, which jumped 0.85% to 2.37 euros, after yesterday approving the extension of the universal postal service concession contract until September 2021.

Jerónimo Martins fell 0.40% to 13,715 euros.

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