Sebastian Pinera said on Thursday that Chile would be vaccinated against the corona virus

Sebastian Pinera announced the launch of the vaccine in Chile on Thursday

The vaccination of Chile Govt-19 will begin this Thursday, December 24, upon receipt of the first shipment of the vaccine developed by the American-German pharmaceutical duo Pfizer / Bioendech, President Sebastian Pinera made the announcement on Wednesday.

“We want to share the good news with all of our comrades. This morning, at 5 am, the plane carrying the first ten thousand took off from Belgium. ”Confirmed the president.

The ship will arrive at 7 a.m. on Thursday and the vaccination process will begin “gradually” on the same day, starting with medical staff from the regions of La Araucania, Biopio and Magallanes, among the most affected by the epidemic and some health professionals. Capital health.

As announced by the president, the second shipment of the vaccine, which will be free and voluntary, should take place next week. The process will continue until the ten million volumes that Chile has set aside for this laboratory are completed.

Pinera explained that in the first quarter of 2021, the elderly and chronically ill will be vaccinated, which represents about 5 million people. The rest of the population, around 15 million Chileans, will be able to get it in the first half of 2021.

Stock Photo: A nurse holds the Pfizer / Biotech Covit-19 vaccine at a teaching hospital in Coventry, England, December 8, 2020. Via Jacob King / Pool REUTERS

“The vaccine is an act of union, not an individual decision. When a person is vaccinated, it not only protects their health, but it also protects the health and life of everyone around them, ”Pinera said.

Since the virus arrived in March, Chile has signed agreements with other vaccine development and distribution laboratories, including China’s Sinovac, the Johnson & Johnson’s Johnson Group and the University of Oxford, as well as the Astrogeneka group. .

Overall, the president said: Make sure you distribute over 30 million volumes, including ten from the Pfizer lab and ten from the Sinovac region. In addition, in September, the country joined the COVAX mechanism, promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Vaccine Alliance (GAVI).

With a total of 589,189 cases of Govt-19 and more than 16,000 deaths, in June Chile has gone through important times and has become one of the countries with the most daily epidemics in the world.

Although the epidemic between September and November saw a sharp decline with positive rates below 5%, the capital has been affected in recent days by the increase in the number of cases, which has led to the isolation of the authorities in week and at Christmas and New Years.

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