The government approved a series of new measures before Christmas. Get to know them here

The government met on Tuesday in the Council of Ministers, the last before Christmas, to approve a set of new measures ranging from visas or ADSE, also extending the period of accession to moratoria.

Here is the “range” of new measures approved by the executive of António Costa – the Prime Minister chairing the meeting by videoconference, because he is isolated.

The government approves the inclusion in ADSE of around 100,000 workers

The Council of Ministers approved the extension of ADSE to approximately 100,000 formal contract workers in the state, the majority of whom are in the health sector. The public service unions have expressed their satisfaction with this news, but I regret the delay.

The exemption from the ADSE contribution will no longer be indexed to the national minimum wage, now set at 635 euros, has also been decided.

Government approves end of ‘gold visas’ in metropolitan and coastal areas

The Council of Ministers approved the decree-law which ends with “gold visas” in the coastal and metropolitan regions of Lisbon and Porto, which will enter in July 2021, with a transition period.

Government declares TAP, Portugal and Cateringpor in “difficult” situation

A resolution was also adopted declaring TAP, Portugal is in Cateringpor, the catering company of the TAP group, in “difficult economic situation”.

These companies are assigned the effects provided for by the legislation, namely the modification of working conditions and the non-application or suspension, in whole or in part, of the clauses of the company agreements or regulatory instruments. applicable collective agreement, with the establishment of the respective successor plan ”, declared the government.

Exceptional rental payment regime extended until July

In addition, the Government approved the extension of the special rental payment regime on the real estate market for July 1, given the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The executive also defined a “fair and progressive” scheme for converting the loans from the Housing and Urban Rehabilitation Institute (SUA) into a non-refundable fund, the contribution being of any value for households. whose effort rate is equal to or greater than 100%.

Government approves new bank default memberships until December 31

The government also approved an amendment to the bank default regime, allowing new memberships until March 31, 2021. “This amendment aims to guard against liquidity and cash restrictions resulting from the economic impact of the second wave of the pandemic ”, justifies the government in the press release of the Council of Ministers.

Approval of the national minimum wage of 665 euros

The readjustment of the national minimum wage (SMN) to 665 euros from January 1, 2021 was also approved, an increase of 30 euros. currently, the national minimum wage is 635 euros and the government aims to reach 750 euros at the end of the legislature.

TTC postal service concession extended until September 2021

The government has extended the CTT’s universal postal service concession until September next year, which ended at the end of this month, according to a cabinet statement issued today. “The decree-law has been approved to extend the concession of the universal postal service, which will continue to be provided by the CTT at the end of September 2021,” the document said.

infected healthcare professionals are exempt from proving their disability

The government has decided to fire healthcare professionals with Covid-19 to present evidence of causation between the disease and the exercise of a professional activity. The measure will make the Acquired Disability Award payment process “more agile, agile and quick”.

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