Fog tonight, rain at Christmas

The National Weather Service released a weather forecast for cloudy areas tonight, which will create visibility restrictions. Gluing points are also possible on roads in the region.

The forecast is for a strong advance in the cold from Thursday to Friday with the possibility of heavy rain and strong winds.


Monday: foggy areas before 11am. Otherwise, mostly cloudy, near 36. The calm wind changes from southwest at a speed of 5 mph.

Monday evening: Risk of snow, mainly from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. Cloudy, less than 29. The calm wind is blowing westward at a speed of 5 mph. Precipitation is 40%. Less than half an inch of new snow accumulation is possible.

Tuesday: possibility of snowfall before 10 a.m. A little sunny, near 40. Wind northwest 5 to 15 miles. Precipitation is 20%.

Tuesday evening: Cloudy, with a low of 22. Wind northwest 5 to 10 miles.

Wednesday: mainly Weil, around 36.

Wednesday evening: Mainly cloudy, with a low of 29.

Thursday: rain. It is close to 50. Rainfall is 80%.

Thursday evening: rain. About 34. The minimum rainfall is 80%.

Christmas: risk of rain before 10 am, followed by showers and snowfall from 10 am to 2 pm and risk of snowfall after 2 pm Very cloudy, close to 40. Precipitation is 40%.

Friday night: Partly cloudy with a low of 17.

Saturday: Mostly sunny, near 28.

Saturday night: Partly cloudy with a low of 15.

Sunday: Mostly sunny, near 31.

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