Shopping online? Do it safely with these tips

Faced with the pandemic, online shopping is expected to increase dramatically this holiday season. In addition, several fraudulent campaigns will also circulate. The online Christmas shopping experience is as safe as it gets and in this sense it is necessary to be very careful.

Discover some tips for shopping online with maximum security.

ESET leaves some great tips so that users can stay safe from the hands of cybercriminals as they progress in their quest to find the perfect gifts. Ricardo Neves, Marketing Director at ESET Portugal, says…

It is extremely important that the user follows the recommendations to be safe while carrying out their activities and digital purchases. The holiday season is often a new opportunity for cybercrime, with the adoption of security technologies and best practices making the difference

Online shopping tips

Buy only from trusted online stores

Mitigating the risks associated with shopping online means avoiding suspicious stores, without proven evidence in the market, or with questionable reviews. Choose trusted sellers to avoid scams.

Reminder: there are offers that are too good to be true

During the holiday season, cybercriminals are betting on the idea that no one can resist a good price. But users should be careful, especially if they find luxury branded goods or gadgets at prices well below the market price. Extreme promotions are suspect, especially if they come from an unknown seller.

Find sites that use encryption (HTTPS)

Before proceeding to the shopping cart, make sure the online store uses encryption. This can be detected by the logo of a small lock in your browser’s address bar and a web address starting with “https: //”.

This type of encryption ensures that sensitive data, such as your account credentials, is not sent clearly, adding an extra layer of protection whether you purchase using home Wi-Fi or an access point. Wi-Fi, which you should always avoid). But beware: there are already some scam sites out there that use encryption, so stay tuned and make sure you’re dealing with a trusted seller.

Use cutting edge security software that includes internet protection

When shopping online, one of the best security measures you can take is to use a comprehensive security solution. Typically, they include features like blocking suspicious websites, protection against most types of attacks, and even payment protection for purchases and transactions.

Think before you buy or provide your personal information

What you buy, where, and what information the store asks you for when making your purchase are questions you should ask before proceeding. If you decide to buy, check the data requested by the seller, fill in only the necessary information, and do not share the data too much to prevent the data from falling into the wrong hands in the event of a leak.

Check your invoice and contact your credit card company and store if you notice anything suspicious

After making a purchase, it’s a good idea to check your account balance and make sure everything is going well. If something goes wrong, contact your credit card company immediately to figure out what is going on, and if anything suspicious happens you can avoid losing your money to cybercriminals by blocking your cards.

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