Fan of Pirate IPTV? There are already unwanted cards coming home!

Pirate IPTV remains the solution for many users who simply cannot or do not want to pay for a Premium subscription. It is a type of service that continues to gain popularity, especially in these times of pandemic, when economic uncertainty has placed some very good people watching the various apps and “ boxes ” capable of offering Premium TV to lower prices, or for free.

However, as the name suggests ‘Pirate IPTV’, we are talking about an illegal service … So sooner or later someone will have to pay!

Are you a fan of Pirate IPTV? There are reports of unwanted letters coming home!

Thus, the increase in demand for this type of service is easily explained by the monthly fees and often ridiculous prices of the various premium channels, in particular those specializing in sport. Something that drives consumers away to other greener, cheaper and, of course … less legal places.

However, with the increase in this phenomenon, we also have a new and renewed focus on responsible bodies! A good example is the UK, where police have already started sending warnings to over 7,000 residents who subscribe to Pirate’s IPTV packages.

The action was taken after the arrest of a 28-year-old man in Lancashire County last summer and subsequent investigation revealed a massive pirate IPTV network he was controlling from his home.

For now… Pirate IPTV users still don’t have to go to court or pay heavy fines!

For now, no legal action for users

Lancashire Police say they have found no evidence of a breach of the law at this time by suspected North West IPTV subscribers or its licensees. However, they say the investigation is ongoing, following information gathered in the database of “customers” of the service.

Security forces go so far as to say that some users may not even know it is a violation of the law. Even so, they are committing a crime. That said, the police promise to curb these types of illegal practices in the UK.

However, also in the European Union, we find that several entities require increased control.

Also, what do you think of all of this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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