Policario says Biden should withdraw US support for Morocco claim

The representative of the independence movement RFI said that the Western Sahara Police Front wanted the President of the United States to elect Joe Biden, to reverse the decision of current President Donald Trump to recognize the sovereignty of Morocco over the disputed territory.

“Giving to Morocco is not part of Trump’s real estate, he could have donated one of his golfing assets in Western Sahara,” said Kamal Fadel of the Front Policario. This week, Call Africa Light from the web.

In recognition of Morocco’s claim to Western Sahara in return for normalizing relations with Israel, Trump signed a declaration on December 10, describing the US leader’s deal as “the only basis for a just and lasting solution for maintain peace and prosperity “.

“In Western Sahara, President Trump rejects uselessness and is moving towards serious, realistic and reliable solutions to the conflict in Western Sahara,” said David Maroc, United States ambassador to Morocco. Fischer told reporters.

Fischer said autonomy for the disputed territory was “the only realistic option” and that the US presidency should be maintained by the UN. Conflicts with support self-determination referendum.

The right of the people of the Sahara to self-determination
The UN-brokered ceasefire in 1991 was fought for many years in disputed territory. However, the referendum on the right to self-determination was never approved.

Despite Trump’s action to acknowledge Morocco’s complaint, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the situation remained the same.

“The Western Sahara solution does not depend on the recognition of individual states,” Guterres said. “[It] Depending on the application of Security Council resolutions, we are its guardians. ”

The African Union camp, which responded to Trump’s statement, said the UN, like the European Union, had reaffirmed its support for the post. UN report on Western Sahara, but at the same time welcomes the warming of relations between Morocco and Israel.

“I don’t think any other legitimate or responsible country or international body is following suit,” Policario Front spokesperson for Australia and New Zealand told RFI Patel of the impact. of Trump’s announcement.

“It’s a presidential proclamation, often a ritual or a symbol. It has no legal force unless approved by the US Congress, ”he said.

Tensions have recently spilled over in Western Sahara Ceasefire declarations, monitored by UN peacekeepers, interrupted by military conflict.

Bipartisan criticism
Trump’s decision to recognize Morocco’s claim to Western Sahara has been criticized by US lawmakers from all parties.

“I am concerned that this announcement strengthens the credibility of the UN process with international support to resolve the regional dispute over Western Sahara.” Said Elliott Engel, is a Democrat and chairman of the US House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Jim Inhof, a Republican senator from Oklahoma, called the White House decision on Western Sahara shocking and deeply disappointing.

“The president has been badly advised by his committee.” Said Inhof. “He could have concluded this agreement without negotiating the rights of the voiceless,” he added, referring to the agreement between Morocco and Israel.

The Moroccan Foreign Ministry has said that Trump’s “constructive position” in Western Sahara will strengthen the region’s “Morocco”, which Rabat calls Moroccan Sahara.

At the end of Trump, the new US government returned to the UN. The separatist Front Policario wants to reaffirm its support for the referendum.

“Joe Biden, the President-elect of the United States, is a man of integrity and versed in the legacy of colonialism in Africa. We hope this will have a positive impact on the right to self-determination in Western Sahara and reverse this decision, ”said Fadel.

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