The last meteor shower of 2020 will take place from December 7 to 16

Ahmedabad. Sunday 6 December 2020

The last meteor shower of the year 2020 that you can enjoy with the naked eye from December 7 to 16. Astronomers are very curious about this Geminidus meteor shower in December of each year. This meteor shower is caused by an asteroid.

Scenes like 10-15 meteor showers and a maximum of 100 meteor showers Diwali fireworks are seen in space. December 13th and 14th are considered the best if Geminidus meteor showers are observed. Clear eyes can be seen in the clear sky with the naked eye.

The best time to watch a meteor shower is before midnight and early in the morning. North and east direction is best for seeing meteor showers. Astronomers prefer a remote, mountainous, rocky, and secluded place to enjoy the view. Its speed will drop from 35 kilometers per second to 130 kilometers. Geminidus transforms into a fireball with a lot of luster. Meteor showers can be seen in different colors like yellow, green, blue.

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