‘CSI: Vegas’ Stars have shared their responses to the news of the series cancellation

CBS has decided not to renew CSI: Vegas for a fourth season, marking the end of the CSI franchise’s return to the network.

The television series has been canceled by CBS, and several of the stars have resorted to social media to express their emotions.

Stars Reaction To Series Cancellation

Similar to Helgenberger, Lex Medlin joined CSI: Vegas as a series regular in Season 2, and she shared a similar behind-the-scenes snapshot of the cast on Instagram along with a message to fans informing them of the cancellation.

CSI: Vegas
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The actor who plays CSI Level I Beau Finado in the show, Medlin, remarked, “I am going to miss this cast and crew so much.” I’ll miss Beau the most of all. Playing with him was a blast. I appreciate your support, everyone. Moving on to the next journey.

Helgenberger teased the upcoming Sunday original by returning to Instagram on Sunday to tell followers that “CSI: Vegas may have been cancelled, but there are still five new episodes left.”

CBS has made the tough decision

CBS has decided to remove the series off its schedule to make place for other shows, even though the show has received strong ratings (via Deadline).

So Help Me Todd, a comedy starring Marcia Gay Harden, is another show that will be axed as part of the network’s restructuring.

The cancellation of the show coincides with CBS’s recent renewal of Elsbeth, the spin-off of The Good Wife. Although the drama is now in the middle of its first season, a second season has already been ordered, and it will premiere this fall.

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