Zendaya recently revealed Serena Williams’ response to her performance

Zendaya never fails to astound with her effortlessly stylish off-screen appearances and impactful on-screen performances. Now, however, she’s sharing what tennis great Serena Williams thought of her most recent role in the movie Challengers, which is expected to earn the actress some acting nominations for the next Oscars.

Zendaya in her interview

Zendaya spoke with Williams about her chat, and while Williams said that the tennis sequences probably didn’t use genuine balls, he still thought Zendaya did a great job portraying her and saw her skill even if she hadn’t played tennis before.

In the Luca Guadagnino-directed film Challengers, Zendaya plays Tashi Duncan, a self-assured former tennis champion who is now a coach navigating difficult relationships from her past.

Zendaya recently revealed Serena Williams' response
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Zendaya acknowledged that she was anxious about Serena and Venus Williams seeing her play tennis, and she even apologized to them in advance.

Additionally, Zendeya had the chance to meet Serena Williams when working on a cover story for British and Vogue. She requested mentorship from Serena. The well-known Hollywood actress remarked, “I’d love to get your business and life advice. I believe I need more community, more people around me, and more mentors. But the legendary American tennis player said in jest, “Ask someone else.”

However, Zendaya’s cover story photo session was a huge hit and received praise from Serena Williams as well. Zendaya, meanwhile, gave the Williams sisters the ideal homage.

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