Who Is Serif Zorba and Why Is He in News Headlines?

A man is blamed for wounding an imam in the US and is currently being accused of endeavouring to kill him. According to sources in the media, the imam in the state of New Jersey was stabbed early on Sunday morning while performing prayers during the holy month of Ramadan.

Who is Serif Zorba?

The prosecution has identified Serif Zorba as the offender, a frequent visitor to the Paterson mosque who has been accused of attempting to kill someone.

Who Is Serif Zorba?
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Zorba has been accused of committing first-degree murder, along with having third-degree unlawful ownership of a weapon, as well as fourth-degree unlawful ownership of a weapon, as per the charges made against him. He appeared before the judge on Monday and pleaded not guilty.

Elnakib, whom he stabbed is still in the hospital, with at least two stab wounds to his lungs. Abdul Haman, a mosque spokesperson, stated that Elnakib’s condition is improving and he was surrounded by his wife and three boys.

Another spokesperson Oren said that Serif was coming to their mosque since Ramadan began, similar to this beyond 15 days, and he behaved normally like he came to pray and left.

The assailant, who was eventually outnumbered by worshippers, stabbed Sayed Elnakib multiple times in the back. He was transported to the hospital with serious but not life-threatening wounds.

Know About What Happened

On Monday, Serif Zorba, who is accused of stabbing an imam inside a Paterson, New Jersey, mosque, appeared before a judge. A shocking surveillance video allegedly captured Zorba, 32, walking forward to stab Imam Sayed Elnakib, 65, during prayer at the Omar Mosque, and he made his first public appearance nearly a day later.

Zorba, through a Turkish language mediator, argued not blameworthy to endeavour murder and unlawful ownership of a weapon charge. Elnakib is still in the hospital after at least two stab wounds to his lungs.

Al Abdel-Aziz added that as a local area, they should meet up to help each other and condemn all types of disdain and savagery. He was certain that with adoration, understanding, and regard, their whole local area will emerge from this more grounded than at any other time.

What did the News Sources Found?

CBS2 found out that Zorba had been visiting a different mosque during Ramadan. Was informed by Mevlana Mosque President Hasan Oren that Zorba prayed there the night before the stabbing. The leadership of the Omar Mosque claimed that the attack was a one-off occurrence, but the FBI is looking into it.

Who Is Serif Zorba?
Image source- Save Daughter’s.com

Security is moved forward at the mosque and approximately twelve different mosques in Paterson, which the city chairman said has the biggest Muslim populace in New Jersey.

Jerry Speziale, the Paterson Public Security Chief said that their team had an exhaustive arrangement that had been set up,” and assuming if anyone saw something, if it’s not too much trouble, they should say something, don’t delay, and kindly dial 911. Zorba is currently in prison and their court date for him is April 13.

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