Apple’s Media Strategist Since 18 Years Katie Cotton Passed Away

On April 6, Katie Cotton, who served as Apple’s Vice President of Worldwide Communications for 18 years before resigning in May of the year 2014, passed away. She passed away peacefully, surrounded by family and close friends, according to her obituary.

Who Was Katie Cotton?

When Cotton joined Apple in the year 1996, shortly after Steve Jobs’s return, she quickly established himself as one of the market leaders in public relations and marketing. She was instrumental in moulding Apple’s correspondence methodology and the way of life of mystery in the organization. Cotton was known for her furious control of how Mac was depicted by the press and was likewise the guardian who controlled admittance to Macintosh’s late Chief and fellow benefactor Steve Occupations.

Katie Cotton Passed Away
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In a statement provided to Bloomberg, Apple stated that they were deeply saddened by Katie’s passing and that she was an unprecedented individual and she made innumerable commitments throughout her two-decade vocation at Apple. The post added that they were thinking of her loved ones and all of the people who worked with her. Kristin Huguet Quayle is the current vice president of worldwide communications for Apple whereas Katie has been with the company since the last 18 years.

Cotton and Apple largely turned public relations on its head, as Macworld contributor Christopher Breen wrote about her retirement in the year 2014.

Cotton had been volunteering in local community organizations to raise awareness for mental health education for children ever since she retired to spend more time with her family. Her children, Ethan and Isabelle Mimeles, as well as her life partner, Jim Wells, are her survivors.

Katie Had a Valuable Contribution to Apple

In the year 1996, Cotton was promoted to the position of vice president of communications at Apple. She held that position until her retirement in the year 2014, during which time she assisted in the creation of the media strategy for the company and coordinated the groundbreaking launch events. She worked behind the scenes as an advocate for Apple’s brand and is well-known for shielding Jobs from harm as his health deteriorated.

Katie Cotton Passed Away
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Cotton left the company about two years after Jobs’ replacement as chief executive officer, Tim Cook. Apple rose from near-bankruptcy to become the world’s most valuable business during her tenure at the company, one of the most remarkable comebacks in technology history.

Her family wrote that she “passed peacefully” on April 6 and is “recognized as one of the most remarkable women in public relations and marketing in technology” in an online obituary.

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