Who Was DJ Brownskin’s Wife and What Happened to Her?

The private life of well-known South African musician DJ Brownskin will be discussed in this article. He has a lot of fans all over the country, and they often want to know more about him, like his real name and wife. Ever since a video of DJ Brownskin’s wife went viral on the internet, he has been in the news. Who is the wife of DJ Brownskin?

Who Is DJ Brownskin?

Michael Macharia Njiri, popularly known by his stage name DJ Brownskin, is a well-known musician who is best known for the music tracks that he makes. South Africa’s Johannesburg is where he was born. He is well-known in Kenya and has a large Instagram following of 38.9 people.

According to his online entertainment account, he completely appreciates playing at shows and is supposed to play out this end of the week with The Four Play. Moreover, he is a father of two children. DJ Brownskin is well-known throughout South Africa and other African nations for his smash singles and electrifying mixes and his style of music is Afro-House.

DJ Brownskin’s Wife Is No More

Individuals in the nation perceive DJ Brownskin for his energizing blends and his expertise to keep the group hopping on his beats the entire evening. But a video of the South African DJ’s wife recently made the news. DJ Brownskin’s wife is seen taking poison in the video in front of her children. Because of this, individuals are focusing on DJ Brownskin’s wife.

DJ Brownskin's Wife
Image source- The Star.com

Concerns about domestic violence and toxic relationships and widespread outrage have resulted from the video of the South African DJ’s wife. The electrifying DJ was recently in the news due to a viral video of his wife dying in front of her children after taking poison. Even though this incident occurred in the year 2020, the video is still making noise in the year 2023.

Nonhlanhla Ntuli, DJ Brownskin’s wife, passed away in front of their two children. Nonhlanhla reportedly suffered from mental illness, and domestic violence also marred her marriage. After all this suffering, she then took her own life and now she is no more in this world.

What Happened in the Video?

On social media, a video of DJ Brownskin recording his wife, Shawon Mwangi, drinking had recently gone viral. The latter can be seen making a drink in the disturbing clip. According to reports, DJ Brownskin urged his wife to drink the beverage. She then throws the cup at her husband as she continues to sip the unidentified beverage.

DJ Brownskin's Wife
Image source- Daily post.com

She then appears to be writhing in agony a short while later. Before Mwangi passes away, the video ends. How the video ended up on the internet is still unknown. It is also unknown if DJ Brownskin coerced his wife into drinking the lethal drink or if he was involved in the crime.

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