Darius Rucker’s Girlfriend: All You Need To Know About The Woman Who Stole The Country Singer’s Heart

Darius Rucker’s Love Life

The Grammy-winning country artist Darius Rucker has had his fair share of partnerships in the past. He previously married Karen Rucker, his high school girlfriend, with whom he has two daughters. However, after 20 years of marriage, the pair declared their divorce in 2019.

Rucker has been connected to a few women since then, but he only revealed his new partner in 2021. Fans have been curious about the lady who won the country singer’s heart.

Who Is Darius Rucker’s Girlfriend?

Darius Rucker’s girlfriend is known as Jodi Frye. She is a wellness and lifestyle coach based in Los Angeles. According to her website, she is a certified personal trainer, health coach, and yoga instructor. Frye is also a speaker and an author.

Frye has a strong social media presence, where she shares her wellness tips, inspirational quotes, and pictures with her followers. She and Rucker have been seen together at various events, and they seem to be very happy together.

Darius Rucker girlfriend
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How Did Darius Rucker And His Girlfriend Meet?

It is not clear how Darius Rucker and Jodi Frye met, but it is speculated that they may have met through mutual friends.They were first seen in public together in March 2021, at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Since then, they have been seen together at various events, including the 2021 CMT Music Awards, where they walked the red carpet together. They have also been spotted enjoying each other’s company on vacations and spending time with their respective families.

Darius Rucker’s Relationship With His Ex-Wife And Children

Darius Rucker was married to his high school sweetheart, Karen Rucker, for 20 years. The couple has two children together, a daughter named Daniella and a son named Jack. Rucker has been open about the challenges he faced while balancing his career and family life.

Despite their separation, Rucker and Karen remain on good terms and co-parent their children together. In fact, Karen has been supportive of Rucker’s new relationship and has even shared pictures of the couple on social media.


Darius Rucker’s love life has been a topic of interest for his fans, and his new relationship with Jodi Frye has only fueled their curiosity. Frye, a wellness and lifestyle coach, seems to be a great match for the country singer, and they appear to be very happy together. Rucker’s relationship with his ex-wife and children also seems to be amicable, and they continue to support each other in their respective endeavors.

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