Taggart Actor Stevie Allen Passed Away

Stevie Allen, who played the famous role of Craiglang scruff Manky Frankie, died yesterday. The actor was best known for playing Manky Franky on the sitcom and he was remembered by cast members after his passing away.

Stevie Allen Passes Away

Stevie had also starred with Greg Hemphill and Paul Riley when he appeared for a short time in the sitcom. His character was known for his love of knick-knacks, which was often considered trash by other characters and he would often dismantle his car and leave it in the common area of ​​his Osprey Heights apartment.

Taggart Actor Stevie Allen Passed Away
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Moreover, Stevie played the role of the first murderer in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and from the year 1995 to tge the year 1996, he also played the role of Len and Rory Cassidy in his two episodes of the television series called “Taggart”. Stevie has played various roles throughout his career. However, the late actor’s television career ended after filming his three episodes of Still Game, which last aired in the year 2004.

What did Stevie’s Colleagues say About Him?

Best known for appearing in three episodes of the show from the year 2002 to the year 2004, the actor has been described as a nice guy and an individual full of fun. Actor Greg Hemphill said that he was disappointed to hear the news of Stevie Allen’s passing and that he only spent a short time with them on Still Game, but he made a great impression.

Jane McQuarrie, the actress who is best known for playing the character of “Isa” on the hit sitcom called “The Kings of Glasgow,” also remembered him. She before he became an actor and when he was a science engineer at Parker Secondary School. Jane said that she was very sad to hear this news and that she has known him since she was just 12 years old. She added that Stevie worked as a technologist at her school in his early ’80s. Jane went on to say that she also met Stevie at the Glasgow Arts Centre and that he was a very sincere, fun-filled and wonderful person.

Stevie Allen Passed Away
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Actor Colin McCready called dearie his aer friend and recalled that Stie was a year older than him at the academy and that he also did some taggart with him. Tom Urie, who appeared on the comedy show with Stevie that aired in the year 2003, added that he met Stevhisearly in his career at the Bahia Theater in St Andrews and that Stevie was a lovely guy and a great actor.

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