Composer Jocelyn Morlock Passed Away at 53

The sudden Died of the Vancouver-based teacher and composer was announced yesterday. Jocelyn was just 53 years old.

Who was Jocelyn Morlock?

The classical music community is mourning the passing away of Jocelyn Morlock, who was a composer and teacher from Vancouver, Canada. Jocelyn’s passing away news was confirmed on March 28th in the news released by the Columbia University Music Department, where she taught as a session lecturer. Jocelyn was just 53 years old and she was a popular composer throughout Canada and internationally, but her loss is especially

Jocelyn Morlock
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Morlock was born in St Boniface, Isle of Man. Her interest in music started when her grandmother bought a piano for the family. Morlock was immediately fascinated by her instrument and she took piano lessons from an early age. After her high school graduation, Morlock applied to a college program in music and science, but she was unsure if she would be accepted into the music program.

However, she enrolled in Brandon College’s piano playing program, where she was suddenly exposed to a variety of music she had never known before. In the year 2021, as she told her North by Northwest on CBC, she credits this feeling with “seeing new colours for the first time.”

Jocelyn Morlock Passes Away

In an interview with Tricity News ahead of the Vancouver ceremony, Morlock, then composer with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, discussed her work and how she first met Carol Todd over tea.

Morlock stated that she wrote the composition in two months, creating mostly staccato notes (minor) from the strings of the first part, and creating fast-paced “micro gestures” (tweets and likes) on her social media. etc.), then move on to a mournful chorale with a

Jocelyn Morlock Passed Away
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The ending was in a major key, repeating the initial music but in an enlightened tone. It was meant to reflect the impact of a 15-year-old girl’s life and the message of encouragement that followed. Morlock told Tri-City News at the time it was the little things people can do every day that can snowball into positivity.

What Amanda Todd Said About Jocelyn?

She was such a caring person and she was a positive force in the world,” said Amanda Todd, who was one of the colleagues who worked at U. Music School with Jocelyn and where she first met Morlock in the year 1992 when she was a student at Brandon College. Amanda added that Jocelyn was always passionate about helping people and cared about things and those who know her work know how deeply she goes about these issues.

Morlock music was sometimes sincere and dramatic, but often irreverent and funny. Her music ranges from that of Renaissance composer Josquin Des Pres to that of Joni Mitchell. The music of the Morlock Romantic period includes a humorous paraphrase of Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto.

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