Who Are Jason Watkins And Clara Francis? What Happened To Their Daughter Maudie?

Actor Jason Watkins along with his wife Clara Francis gives an emotional interview about their little girl Maudie, who passed away unexpectedly in 2011 at the age of just two and a half. The pair has documented the tragic loss of their young daughter Maude in a documentary named Jason & Clara: In Memory of Maudie. They will recall the extremely intense death of their kid in the show, which is scheduled to air on ITV1 on Thursday, March 30 at 9 p.m.Throughout the series, they will also assist other grieving families while navigating their loss. Clara said creating the film was the very first time they had sat down and thoroughly discussed the events building up to her demise and the day she passed away on the Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast.

Jason Watkins
Jason Watkins; image credit – The Guardian

All About Jason Watkins

The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies, a two-part drama from 2014, is where English stage and screen actor Jason gained the majority of his notoriety. Additionally, he co-starred with David Tennant in the 2020 serial killer thriller Des and played Prime Minister Harold Wilson in the 3rd season of Netflix’s popular The Crown. Jason has two older children, Freddie and Pip, from his former marriage to actress Caroline Harding.

Who Is Jason Watkins’s Wife?

Clara Francis is the wife of actor Jason Watkins. The pair got hitched on January 25, 2014, after becoming engaged in 2009. Clara is a jewelry and apparel designer who is married to Jason; the two were wed in 2014. How they met and how long they were courting before getting married are unknown. Gilbert was the couple’s first child, and they also had girls named Bessie and Maude. However, sadness struck in 2011 when their young daughter Maude tragically passed away at the age of two.

Clara Francis’s Statement On Maude’s Demise

On the night of New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day, according to Clara, Maude passed away. She remembered her grandmother living the Christmas before, which would have been two weeks prior. She recalled filming the girls preparing meals in the kitchen alongside her grandmother. Clara explained what occurred and stated that she always believed she was simply unfortunate. A consultant may have visited A&E for a different kid who may have had sepsis, but the child is still alive. Since this is a tragedy that could have been prevented, she thought that their luck is what makes it feel so much worse to her. It’s especially difficult to realize that your child might one day be a 14-year-old girl living the life of her dreams while you know it didn’t happen for her. She failed to do what she was meant to do, which was to maintain her life.

Her flu symptoms concealed the sepsis despite two hospital trips, and she went undetected. The “silent killer,” sepsis, manifests when an infection, like blood poisoning, sets off a ferocious immune reaction in which the body targets its organs. If sepsis is detected early enough, it is readily provided with intravenous antibiotics and fluids; however, these must be administered as soon as sepsis is suspected because it strikes quickly and a patient’s chance of mortality rises by 8% for every hour of delay. The pair recently discussed Maude’s tragic demise with Giovanna Fletcher on her Happy Mum, Happy Baby show and expressed their belief that it was “avoidable.”She claimed that after Maude’s mishap, they both went to therapy individually and later discovered they had “completely different” memories of the day she died.

Jason Watkins’s Statement On Maude’s Demise

Jason recalled that when Maude’s sepsis first appeared, she had a cold and a scratchy throat. She also briefly had a husky voice, which they found amusing in a way. They never considered it to be severe, and at the time it most likely wasn’t. They must have let it go on for about a week before taking her to the doctor, who was worried that it had spread to her chest. Clara said that when they were filming their ITV film, it was the first time they had sat down and discussed in-depth the events building up to her death along with the day she passed away.

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