Mekhi Jackson: Georgia Guy Sought After A Dog Passed Away By Beating It

DeKalb County police have issued a warrant for Mekhi Jackson after he allegedly appeared in a social media video that looked to show him attacking a dog. Let’s examine it in more depth.

Who Is Mekhi Jackson?

DeKalb County Police have issued a warrant for Mekhi Jackson on allegations of animal abuse. Mekhi Jackson is now wanted by the police after they were shown a film of animal abuse. Police have made surveillance images available that show a man standing close and holding a small puppy.

About Mekhi Jackson

According to the police, the dog’s passing was subsequently found to have occurred. The incident happened on Sunday along Flat Shoals Rad and was caught on video. Police in DeKalb are looking for Jackson’s whereabouts.

Mekhi Jackson’s Case History

According to a police report, the abusing that took place on January 21, 2022, was one of several retaliation mishap between rival gangs. After a long day of classes, the attack happened at McNair. Investigators claim that a well-known gang member, age 15, started shooting at other students from a vehicle who were allegedly associated with a rival gang. No one was harmed.

One of the accused gang members who was also arrested was Mekhi Jackson, age 19. Investigators recognized him as the getaway driver. According to the report, a stolen Glock that had been taken during an armed robbery in Riverdale was found when police detained Jackson and the accused shooter.

Many of the most well-known gangs in the metro Atlanta area have been the subject of investigations by Tyrone Dennis, a former gang detective with the Atlanta Police Department. Despite the fact that he was not directly engaged in the situation, he asserted that many young children join gangs because they do not receive enough attention at home.

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