Drew Barrymore Responds Hilariously to Hugh Grant’s Comment on Her Singing Skills

Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant recently appeared together on The Graham Norton Show, where they reminisced about their time filming the romantic comedy “Music and Lyrics” back in 2007. During their conversation, Grant brought up Barrymore’s singing skills, or lack thereof, in the movie and the banter between the co-stars quickly turned into a hilarious moment.

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The Banter Between Co-Stars on The Graham Norton Show

When Norton asked Grant about his experience working with Barrymore on “Music and Lyrics”, he joked, “She did sing a bit, bless her heart. But I don’t remember thinking she had a beautiful voice.” Barrymore responded with laughter, admitting that her singing abilities were not her strong suit. The two continued to poke fun at each other, with Grant even offering Barrymore some singing lessons.

The lighthearted banter between the two co-stars was a reminder of their on-screen chemistry and the fun they had while filming the movie. Despite Grant’s comment on her singing, Barrymore took it in stride and even found humour.

Barrymore’s Positive Attitude Towards Criticism and Self-Improvement

Barrymore’s response to Grant’s comment on her singing ability is a testament to her positive attitude towards criticism and self-improvement. As a seasoned actress, producer, and talk show host, Barrymore has faced her fair share of criticism throughout her career. However, she has always approached it with an open mind and a willingness to learn and grow.

In an interview with People, Barrymore spoke about her approach to handling criticism: “I always think criticism is a chance to learn something and grow. So, I always welcome it.” Her ability to take criticism in stride and turn it into a learning opportunity is a valuable trait that has helped her thrive in the entertainment industry.

Furthermore, Barrymore’s willingness to poke fun at herself and laugh off criticism is a refreshing reminder that even the most successful and talented individuals are not immune to imperfection. By embracing her flaws and shortcomings, she sets an example for her fans and peers to do the same.

Finally, Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant’s The Graham Norton Show chat was a lighthearted reminder of their on-screen connection and ability to find humour in any scenario. Barrymore’s positive approach toward criticism and self-improvement should encourage everyone to confront criticism or strive for personal progress.

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