What Happened At The End Of You Season 4 Part 2, Has Joe Goldberg Become A Good Person?

Even After four seasons, Penn Badgely’s compulsive serial killer Joe Goldberg is still roaming the world unpunished for his heinous crimes, not even a scratch or an arrest. With the release of the second chapter of Jonathan Moore AKA Joe Goldberg’s tale, season 4 of You on Netflix has finally come to an end.

You Season 4 Part 2
You Season 4 Part 2; image credit – USA TODAY

An Overview Of You Season 4 Part 1

For season four, the homicidal Joe Goldberg changed his location to London and posed as Jonathan Moore, a lecturer at a university. In Part 1, Jonathan claims he has put the killing, stalking, and other bad vibes behind him and is now trying to live as calmly as he can. That is, until his new friends, coworkers, and associates start dying all around him, and the Eat The Rich Killer starts to haunt his life. Roald accuses Joe of being the murderer after You season 4 part 1 while they are on vacation in the country at Kate’s family home.

When Rhys Montrose, a highly famous author, and candidate for mayor of London, shows up and kidnaps them both, he reveals his identity to be the Eat The Rich Killer, and the situation changes. Before setting the place on fire and trying to murder both Joe and Roald, Rhys explains to Joe his motivations for the killings in one of the film’s final scenes, which is set in a dark dungeon. They are both saved by Kate, who steps in to help. The scene then shifts to Joe sitting at home, attempting to figure discover how to put an end to Rhys’ murderous ways as he watches him on television.

Brief Description Of You Season 4 Part 2

Fans will experience a true experience in the upcoming episodes, which premiered on Netflix on March 9. The greatest revelation of all is that Rhys Montrose is merely a creation of Joe Goldberg. Joe is projecting his darkest self onto Rhys, and the Rhys he speaks to is largely a creation of his mind. Fans were shocked to learn that Joe had Marianne imprisoned in his glass cage in London, despite scarcely making an appearance in the initial 5 episodes of You season 4. Since he had followed her to Paris, he had been holding her prisoner. Nadia found her, and together they came up with a scheme to liberate Marienne.

Beta-blockers were provided by Nadia to Marienne to make it appear as though she committed suicide by taking an excessive amount of pills and leaving a false suicide letter for Joe in the cage. When Joe became convinced that she had passed away, he moved her corpse to a park nearby to make it appear as though she had overdosed on drugs unintentionally. Nadia was waiting behind a nearby tree, prepared to give Marianne an injection of adrenaline to resurrect her. In the concluding episode, Marianne is joyfully reunited with her child Juliette in Paris, where it appears they will spend the rest of their lives together.

What Happened To Joe GoldbergIn The End Of You Season 4

In the season four finale of You, Joe kills Kate’s dad in his airport hangar as revenge for the power he still wields over Kate. As soon as Joe realizes that he hates himself, he tosses his phone over the edge of the bridge before joining Rhys, who is just a figment of his mind, and jumps off. When Joe awakens, Rhys is nowhere to be found, and he is lying in a hospital bed. After that, Kate comes to his side in bed. Before the screen goes black, he identifies himself as Joe Goldberg and he tells Kate every detail about his dark past.

Then Kate and Joe, who appear to be leading happy and prosperous lives while managing her father’s business, are being profiled for a posh magazine article about their Art Foundation. Now the question occurs in everyone’s mind has Joe changed? He is still evil, so the response is no.

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