Julia Fox’s Brother Arrested for Drug Materials Found in his Apartment

Julia Fox, the famous Italian American model and actress is among headlines again. She was in headlines after being attached to Kanye West which led her to being in news with the Kardashians. However, this time it is due to her father and brother. Read further to know why Julia Fox is under headlines.

Julia’s Brother and Father Arrested-

According to law enforcement officials, Julia’s father and brother were detained on Wednesday after police searched their Manhattan flat and discovered ghost weapons and signs of drug production at the same place. As part of a wider ghost gun investigation, police came on the Upper East Side residence of Christopher and Thomas Fox at 6 a.m., according to the sources who spoke to the news reports.

At the flat, investigators found 3D-printed parts like lower receivers as well as ghost guns, which are untraceable and illegal firearms that are frequently sold in pieces. Police also found polymer material and 3D printers at their location. According to the sources, they also discovered unidentified pills, a pill press, formaldehyde, fentanyl, heroin, pressure cookers, propane, and other substances that are frequently used to create explosives.

Julia Fox 'stunned' and 'heartbroken' over dad, brother's arrest
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Moreover, the sources claimed that expensive wine bottles worth hundreds of thousands of dollars were discovered among the contraband.

Know What The Investigation Stated-

Following the raid, both of Julia’s father and son were arrested at their 84th Street residence. Currently, they both are facing charges, according to the sources.

The NYPD also announced that two unidentified people were detained after its big case field intelligence unit carried out a search warrant at the residence of Christopher and Thomas Fox.

The report further reads that the members of the investigation team also found a variety of chemicals and pressure cookers that are normally used as parts in explosives and can also be used to make narcotics.

Specialized teams were summoned in by the police, and they found the substances to be safe. The representative stated that there is currently no indication that the issue is related to terrorism.

They informed that the NYPD will keep fighting tenaciously against illicit guns, against both the steady proliferation of traditionally made firearms and the rising number of unlawful, untraceable, but perfectly functional weapons known as ghost guns.

What Julia Said About All of This?

Neither Thomas nor Christopher have a history of crime. The insider claimed the duo had inordinate amounts of material for persons who had previously escaped the attention of the police.

The actress and model previously discussed her upbringing in the city with her lone parent and brother, whom she said she didn’t see frequently.

In the interview, Julia compared her brother like a hermit mad scientist and stated that he creates 3D printers for amusement. He was also described by relatives to the news reports as a “crazy scientist” type who enjoyed doing experiments, but they added that he was a kind man who “wouldn’t kill a fly” and tended to be more reclusive.

Christopher Fox: Julia Fox's brother arrested on guns, drugs charges
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Authorities received a report after receiving unusual internet deliveries to the home, according to the source. A neighbors told the authorities that they witnessed guys entering and exiting the apartment complex who were wearing hazmat suits all day.

About a day after the first raid, the last of the cops left the building carrying a box of documents and cables. According to insiders, Julia was not in New York at the time of the raid and is not thought to have been aware of her family’s alleged wrongdoings.

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